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Unihoc Plastic Types and Floorball Blades

Choosing the right blade is just as important as choosing the right shaft model, as the blade is the outermost link between the player and the ball. Having the right blade is therefore of utmost importance, and you must ensure that the blade's pre-hook, curvature, and plastic type are carefully selected to suit you specifically.

Plastic Materials in Unihoc Blades

Regular PE

The most common type of plastic in a blade. Maintains its shape well and provides a solid feel when handling the ball. This material is marginally heavier than PP. This plastic is easier to hook as it does not require as much heat. Available in three different hardnesses: Soft, Medium, and Hard.

Feather PP

Has a lower density than PE and weighs less than PE. This type of blade is often used for lighter sticks. Maintains its shape very well. This type of plastic has a softer feel on the ball than PE plastic. Available in Medium hardness.

Titan PP

A harder type of PP material that remains firmer during shots but still has the same soft feel and low weight as PP FEATHER LIGHT. Hardness: Hard.

Blades from Unihoc:


UNILITE is Unihoc's lightest blade. Through carefully designed construction, weight is minimized without compromising the blade's torsional stiffness or its fantastic playing qualities. This results in an innovative blade shape and a new groove system with medium-sized pre-hook and curvature. Additionally, there is a distinct transition between the outer frame and the playing surface, ensuring outstanding ball handling and improved shooting opportunities.


EPIC is a modern floorball blade that combines sleek design with exceptional functionality and playing quality. With a classic Unihoc frame and a clear step between the frame and the ribs, the blade delivers outstanding ball control and quick release during shooting moments.


ICONIC is Unihoc's shooting blade, known for its aggressive design and performance. It is the most prominent blade in their range and is specifically designed to optimize the player's shooting ability. With an emphasis on power and precision, the blade has a significant curvature along the entire playing surface, extending from the heel to the top. This curvature improves ball handling during the shot and results in increased shot speed.


Unihoc's most popular blade of all time. With a modest curvature of only 6 mm and a light pre-hook, the PLAYER blade combines low weight with impressive torsional stiffness while delivering outstanding ball control. The blade is suitable for both shooting and passing.


A modernized version of the popular PLAYER blade. The blade has a refined groove system, a little extra stiffness has been added to create a stronger blade. Otherwise, all the beloved features are intact, such as curvature, pre-hook, and size. A lightweight all-around blade.


SONIC is a modern blade that also provides a sense of classic heritage with its traditional characteristics. With a modest curvature and only a minimal pre-hook, the blade aims to facilitate ball handling and passing play. However, the clearly defined step between the frame and the playing surface ensures excellent grip on the ball and improved shot release.


Blades Pre-hooked blades for the technical player who likes to perform Zorro moves. Note that the blades are not IFF approved for matches.

See our full range of floorball blades from Unihoc here.

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